Focus Relief Plus: Andrea's Story

Andrea reached out to us to share her story. She has four granddaughters and stays as active as she can. When her eyes began to give her trouble, she went to her Optometrist and Rhuematologist for help.

Hello Focus Vitamins,

I wanted to let you know that I love your Focus Dry Eye Relief supplements!

I began to have irritation last Summer in one of my eyes. After seeing my Optometrist, I found out that I have occasional dry eye.

I was treated with prescription eye drops but quickly learned I was allergic to that type. The doctor then prescribed Lacrisert, but they irritated my eyes and were difficult to insert. I still had dry eyes and couldn't focus on words to be able to read or be outside without wearing two pairs of sunglasses. My eyes were very dry, felt gritty and the other over the counter (OTC) drops just weren't helping much.

I decided to try your Focus Relief Plus supplements and I am very glad I did!  After taking them for a few weeks, I started to notice a distinct difference. My eyes felt less dry and gritty. Before long, I was able to stop using my OTC eye drops. I am finally able to read books without a lot of eye strain. The best part is that I can read to my granddaughters again!

Thank you so much for this product,

-Andrea in Virginia

Andrea was given a free bottle of Focus Relief Plus for sharing her story on our blog.

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Laura Mills

Laura Mills is a communication and marketing specialist in Northern Virginia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from George Mason University and a Master of Business Administration. Her areas of expertise include promotional writing, content creation, social media management, and Amazon Seller management. She is the Account Manager for Focus Vision Supplements.