Focus Vision Supplement Council (FVSC)

The Business-To-Business Social Model
The first open forum for vision health exclusively for Eye Care Professionals on LinkedIN is here! Join the collaboration today and share insights, start discussions and collaborate with peers to improve patient experience and outcome.

What’s in it for you?
Practice Management to Grow Revenue

  • Practice growth through partnerships and general practice management discussions
  •  There is power in Social Media ­ - Discuss best practices to bring your social presence to life

Best Practices and Industry Changes

  • Discuss products, procedures and trends
  • Connect with thought leaders from around the world
  • Gain knowledge of market changes in the eye supplement industry
  • Share case studies and contribute your experience

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Focus Vitamins

Focus Vitamins is a premium line of ocular health products and stands alone as the only national brand developed by over 400 retina specialists. Each product is produced with the highest standard of scientific and clinical excellence, providing a trusted source of essential nutrients for ocular health.