Partnering with USRetina

The identification of safe, effective therapies is a top concern of retina physicians and their practices everywhere. Retina physicians sit at the confluence of a challenging landscape that requires balancing cost, availability, effectiveness, and business success. That’s why we’re happy to partner with companies who can help these doctors meet this challenge head-on, with safe, evidence-based therapies that also deliver business value.

Our latest addition to the Focus Vision Supplements family falls into this category. We’re proud to partner with USRetina, a leading network of over 300 retina practices and 1200 physicians focused on providing operational support and best-in-class access to leading-edge retina treatment modalities. They’ll be featuring Focus Vitamins’ best-selling AREDS 2-based formula in both a softgel and chewable tablet in their group purchasing organization, in addition to a large portfolio of offerings. Together, we're helping retina practices focus more on delivering exceptional care and less on the challenges of running a business.

Visit their website today to learn more about USRetina, its member practices, and how it’s transforming the world of retina care.
Focus Vitamins

Focus Vitamins is a premium line of ocular health products and stands alone as the only national brand developed by over 400 retina specialists. Each product is produced with the highest standard of scientific and clinical excellence, providing a trusted source of essential nutrients for ocular health.