Traveling Smart With Dry Eye

Dry eye can be a hassle, especially while trying to enjoy a vacation with family. There are some ways to minimize the irritation and other ways to avoid irritants.

According to Dr. Pamela Lowe, OD, FAA, “Airplane air quality tends to be drier and more irritating to the eye, especially if you’re a contact lens wearer.” Keeping a bottle of rewetting or lubricating drops will help give instant relief. It's also a good idea to remove contact lenses during airplane travel so your eyes won't be irritated.

When you reach your destination, be sure to also remove your contact lenses before entering a public pool or hot tub. The chemicals used to clean the water can be irritating to sensitive eyes. There may also be lingering bacteria from other guests.

And don't forget your protective eyewear! Whether your destination is on the beach or in the snowy mountains, our eyes need protection from the sun's UV rays. Wearing glasses is especially important for contact lens wearers.

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