The Value of Nutrition: Why Vitamin A is Important

A healthy diet fuels your body and contributes to healthy eyes. It is best to start healthy eating habits while in your teens, that way as you age, your chances of serious eye problems, such as cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, will decrease. Vitamin A is typically the first ingredient listed on the label of multivitamin bottles. But, why is Vitamin A essential to keeping your eyes healthy?

A shortage of Vitamin A can cause night vision complications and dry eyes, which can ultimately lead to eye infections and vision loss. The intake of Vitamin A may lower your risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, pink eye symptoms and the side effects of retinitis pigmentosa.
How much Vitamin A do you really need each day in order for it to make an impression? The U.S. recommended dietary allowance for teen boys is 900 micrograms and
700 micrograms for teen girls. As mentioned in a previous post, Vitamin A can be found in foods such as beef or chicken liver, milk, eggs and colorful fruits and vegetables.
As much as it is good for you, too much Vitamin A can be harmful as well.
Vitamin A toxicity symptoms include headaches, loss of appetite, dizziness, skin changes and joint pain. You should not consume more than 2,800 micrograms in a day.

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