Vision Through Every Stage of Life: The Effect of Lifestyle Choices on AMD in the future

Health problems can become more evident as you age. A common eye condition, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), is one condition to be cautious about amongst 60+ year olds, as it is a leading cause of vision loss at that age. AMD is a slow breakdown of cells in the center of the retina, which makes daily activities such as reading and driving more difficult.

Some common triggers of AMD include:

  • Smoking: Smoking can actually double the possibility of AMD.
  • Race: AMD is more prevalent among Caucasians than African Americans or Hispanics.
  • Family History & Genetics: A family history of AMD can put you at risk also. Researchers have found that nearly 20 genes can affect the possibility of developing AMD. 
Like other conditions, there are behaviors to minimize the risk of developing AMD or slow down its development. Making healthy choices such as avoiding smoking, exercising frequently, eating a vigorous diet rich in green, leafy veggies and fish, and sustaining normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Be sure to visit your eye doctor regularly to keep track of your vision through every stage of your life.

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