What's in a name?: Kosher Certification

When you hear someone say something is “kosher,” they are implying it is genuine or legitamite. This commonly used word has an even greater meaning in Hebrew. Kosher Certification is the process by which a company ensures its pharmaceutical products can be consumed by people who observe the Jewish dietary laws. This certification guarantees consumers that the product satisfies the Jewish laws. Kosher Certification is considered a plus amongst a wide spectrum of consumers both Jewish and non-Jewish. In fact, there have been frequent studies that show consumers will most often choose a product with a Kosher Certification over a comparable item that is not certified.

A few ingredients that those who follow a kosher diet need to be cautious of:

Magnesium Stearate

Rather than being made from animal fat derivatives, Kosher Certification will ensure this ingredient is made from vegetable derivatives.


Glycerin is made from animal fat, vegetable fat, or petroleum and is often found in cough syrups.

Lactose & Gelatin

Kosher Certification requires gelatin, which is in many soft gels and gel capsules, to be made from vegetables, a kosher animal, or a kosher fish

By obtaining Kosher Certification, consumers who are looking for such certification will be comfortable knowing the product meets their religious beliefs and dietary restrictions.

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